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5 Benefits of Boxing Workouts

There are many reasons why I love boxing.

Not only is it a great strength and cardio workout, boxing is also an awesome way to get in touch with your inner fearless chick!

Women often comment on how they feel like a different person when they’ve got the gloves on…. I know I sure do!

Confident, strong, focused, fit….. such a great feeling to add to that endorphin high!

If that’s not enough to convince you to add boxing to your weekly workout routine, these five punching perks will definitely get you pumped to put on a pair of gloves!

1. Get a great full-body workout

Correctly thrown punches use way more than just your arms…. legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders and chest are all firing to land those fast and powerful punches.

Boxing can also improve much more than just your strength and fitness. Moving many body parts at the same time requires a good connection between your brain and your body - hence balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility also get a workout.

2. Feel like a fearless badass

Boxing can be a great tool for self-defence, but more than that, it can be about personal empowerment.

Learning to box can make you feel like a fearless badass!

The better your technique, the more force you can put into your punches and when you land a strong, accurate punch right in the sweet spot of the pad, it's seriously satisfying!

3. Relieve stress like never before

One thing that seriously sets boxing apart from other workouts is the degree of stress relief it can provide!

Hitting the pads can be a healthy way to let go of tension, whilst the rush of endorphins can make you feel happier.

Being able to avert daily stresses in this way can help you to truly take time out, giving you a fresh perspective to better deal with things that are bothering you.

4. Reap the benefits of learning ‘this’ new skill

Has your workout routine ever felt a little like groundhog day?

Eat, sleep, gym repeat….

It’s actually pretty easy for us to get ‘stuck on the treadmill’ (pun intended) when it comes to our weekly workouts. We are creatures of habit after all.

And yes, routine can be great for many reasons, but when it comes to exercise, doing the same thing week after week can get pretty boring, pretty quick.

Learning the skill of boxing demands a certain level of commitment. There is always something new to try, something you can improve on, or someone new to partner with. The ongoing need to learn or refine your skills provides a great incentive (and motivation) to keep training!

When you master boxing as a skill, and your own body, you really do feel graceful. You coordinate footwork with punches, precision with power, and speed with agility…. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee – it’s incredibly rewarding.

5. Focus your mind whilst you work your muscles

Boxing is an awesome challenge for your muscles and your mind. It requires you to fully concentrate on the task at hand and demands amazing recall.

There is little to no opportunity for your mind to ‘drift’ and start thinking about anything other than punching the pads or catching your partner's punches.

Time flies when you’re that focused!


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Feeling pumped to come and give Boxing a go? Grab our intro offer and COME HAVE A HIT!

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