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Nutrition Programs

Training and good nutrition go hand in hand!

A proper nutrition plan, and the ability to make informed choices and maintain a positive food mindset can really set you up for success in your health and wellbeing journey.

To take out some of the guesswork, I offer ready-made nutrition programs of varying lengths - a shorter 28-Day Kickstart Program, and also a longer 8 Week 'Healthy Life' Program.

Both of these programs include meal plans and shopping lists to set you up for success!

28 Day Kickstart
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28 Day Kickstart Program

Do you want to:

✅ Move better

✅ Live pain-free

✅ Feel confident

✅ Lose 3-4kg’s in 4 weeks


Sick of having to think about what to cook for dinner each night

You’re not alone. Our 4-week kickstart program is designed to help you! 


What you'll receive:

- 4 weeks’ access to our individualised meal planning program

- Nutrition coaching and advice

- Accountability and support by highly trained coaches

This program can help you to:  

🍅Naturally balance blood sugar and help eliminate cravings

🍑Help balance hormones 

🍋Improve brain health, memory, and clear "brain fog"

🥦Improve digestion

🍏 Increase energy levels 

🍆 Improve the quality of sleep

🍇 Decrease anxiety & mood swings

Included in the 28-Day Program:

✅ Weekly Meal Guides

✅ Weekly Grocery Lists

✅ Weekly Inspirational Emails

✅ Lifetime access to our Facebook Community Group with daily posts, nutritional ebooks and much more 

All for just a $197 investment in yourself.

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8 Week 'Healthy Life' Program


Do you feel confused about what you should be eating today? Are you just winging it in the hope you’re getting enough nutrients?  Do you have absolutely no idea what balance looks like?

Are you sick of seeing plans that are boring and take the fun out of food - no yumminess?  Are you sick of diets?

Well – I’ve got your back legend!

Included in your 8-Week Healthy Life nutrition meal plan:

✅ A wealth of health and nutrition information 

✅ 8-week dietitian-approved nutrition plan

✅ Easy-to-use shopping lists and meal prep items

✅ Room for those yummy snacks

But it really includes:

🙏 Clarity on how to balance your nutrition 

🙏 Accountability to keep you on track

🙏 Confidence because you know you’re taking action

🙏 Support from someone who’s done it before

🙏 An opportunity to continue growing your knowledge & leaning into the incredible woman you are

Picture yourself waking up with MORE energy, sleeping better, feeling better, kicking the cravings, and having shed some unwanted fat.  


You will literally transform your life from the inside out...and the changes will last a lifetime. 

This program will change your mindset about food. You'll learn so much about your body and how just a few small tweaks can completely change your life.

It's time to make YOU a priority!  



  • Accountability through weekly check-ins & online community.


  • Dietician Approved - Your tailored meal plan and recipes are approved by our in-house dietician. The nutrient-dense and well-balanced meals ensure you hit your nutritional goals. 

  • Effective - Our quick and simple meals are designed to improve your metabolism, help you burn fat and build lean muscle. They’re simple, easy to make and will help turn you into a fat-burning machine. 


  • Online Chat - Chat directly with our team. We’re here to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Community - Be a part of the Fit Kat Bootcamp community. We are here to support and inspire each other, every step of the way. 


  • Access mindset and educational articles to help support and keep you motivated throughout your transformation.

  • You'll also get access to our full catalogue of 20+ ebooks and resources - covering everything from meal planning, to goal setting, to recipes and so much more!

Consistency is key – and having a balanced diet means it’s more sustainable as you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

Start your 8 Week Healthy Life journey for just a $297 investment in yourself!

Note: This will take you to the FitKat Pushpress page for purchasing this program

8 Week Healthy Life

If you're not already a Fit Kat Bootcamp member, but want to combine fun, personalised training with your nutrition plans, we'd love to meet you!

Please get in touch via any of the methods on our contact page to book your first session.

Or perhaps you'd rather book your 'No Sweat Intro' - just click the button below to book your preferred time.

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