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Could it Really Be This Easy to...

Tone and Shape Those Flabby Bits and Rapidly Reduce your Butt, Arms and Abs in Less Than 12 Weeks by Exercising Less and Eating More

The Answer is Yes...


Here is a little of what you will receive…….

  • Correct balance in your exercise regime that allows you to combine all of the key elements to give you the body shape that you desire

  • A tailored nutrition program that provides you with the best energy producing nutrients whilst turning your body into a fat burning machine

  • Education on the correct methods to success, so you can take the amazing gains that you will achieve and have them work for you in the future

  • Develop the mindset that enables you to overcome any limiting or self sabotaging beliefs so you can have it all in life

  • Accountable to achieving yours goals via an expert in the field who has “been there and done that” and more importantly, someone who has experienced everything that you have!

  • Solutions for long term success with your health and well being goals, so that when you achieve the results you can keep them forever!


Here is a little of what you will achieve…….


Reduced Body Fat = trim and tone your body shape + Reduced Body Fat + change your figure + decrease body fat + drop a clothes size


Increased Fitness = more energy for the day ahead + enjoy fun with your children + Keep up with your partner +Healthy heart


Health Benefits = increased bone density which decreases risk of osteoporosis/arthritis (aging) + Normalize blood pressure (less risk of heart attach) + lower cholesterol + decrease emotional stress and provide better sleeping patterns + reduce health care costs


Increase Your Metabolism = more energy for busy lifestyle + Body burns more energy when not exercising + Makes it harder to put the fat back on + Easier to maintain your new body shape

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Training for fitness


Your fitness goals aren’t just important to you, they’re important to us, too.


When you join Fit Kat Bootcamp, you join a community that will support you from your first day, provide you with the best information to help you reach your fitness goals, and motivate you to stick to your plan. We don’t just train for that feel-good moment; we help you find a purpose too.


Whether you’re planning on running a marathon or you just want to keep up with the kids, your reason for getting fit first is your driving force to stay motivated.


At Fit Kat Bootcamp, we work with what motivates you to reach your goals, whether they’re:

  • Event specific (wedding, marathon, school reunion)

  • Sport specific (football, netball, swimming)

  • Fitness/job specific (defence force, police, security)

  • Kid specific (speaks for itself)

  • Life specific (rehabilitation, recovery, doctor’s-orders)


Let Fit Kat Bootcamp motivate you to enjoy consistent training throughout your fitness journey. We’ll help you discover your fitness power.


If you're motivated to genuinely work towards a real result and not just looking for quick fixes, then we have a special offer for you.




Boxing is the ultimate full body workout. Correctly thrown punches use your legs, hips, glutes, core, obliques, back, shoulders, chest and arms. Punching against resistance causes all of these muscles to contract with more force and speed, developing further your strength and power.



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Calorie management strategies. 


Good food selection strategies. 


Good food timing strategies.


What to eat before and after a workout and the importance of eating breakfast.

Supplement suggestions/information. Teaching you which vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients may be beneficial.


Healthy lifestyle choices. Identifying nutritious food options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.




 Feel blessed i found you. You make me feel empowered. Fit kat is just what i needed. Thank you


Fit Kat Bootcamp is awesome!! Kat motivates and encourages you to be your best whilst always ensuring your technic is 100%. I also love training with a great group of supportive, non judgmental ladies who always enjoy a good laugh. Highly recommend training with Fit Kat Bootcamp. 



Fit Kat Bootcamp encourage all of us to believe in ourselves and you create ways to make us work to our abilities. As the new comers you made us feel so supported and always push us to achieve greatness. You are a really great person and an even better mentor. I would highly recommend Fit Kat Bootcamp


I didn't hesitate in choosing Fit Kat Bootcamp to train with after years of just doing my own thing. Kat is amazingly knowledgeable, fun, down to earth and pushes me to my limits which is what I need as I won't on my own. You create great sessions every day and support us all the way. Kat you are superb and I'm excited to train with you chick!



 I am so grateful I found you Kat. Starting up with Fit Kat Bootcamp has changed my life forever. Since starting at Fitkat, I have received loads of encouragement and support from the trainer Kat and have found a new confidence in myself. I have a stronger mindset knowing I can achieve anything. Set in a beautiful natural back ground in a professional training space with friendly trainer Katija Kipre Wilkinson and a supportive, lovely group of self minded ladies, I love the fact that it is a safe space for ladies to train and laugh together. I absolutely love going to fitkat boot camp. I have achieved already in 5 weeks some amazing goals and am looking forward to a healthier and happy version of myself.


Ienjoy every training session with Katija Kipre Wilkinson  

Fit Kat Bootcamp  motivates ,keeps you focused , keeps you pushing to achieve your threshold... when you tell yourself I've got nothing left , kat finds that last bit of something you thought said catcha ... then Boom.. there it is. Always gives us 100% 



The beautiful person behind Fit KatBootcamp  Katija Kipre Wilkinson trainer is an amazing woman and trainer. Not only does she train her team of girls technique (which is so important for your fitness progress), Kat provides support and encouragement within healthy living and life style.Kat is a very supportive trainer and person who will help your achieve personal goals, whilst bringing out the best in you 


Absolutely recommend Katija Kipre Wilkinson Fit Kat Bootcamp. Awesome trainer, great facility and a great group of ladies to train with.



Fit Kat Bootcamp is a great place to train with a great group of women . Always fun and never the same workout twice , so it never gets boring . Kat is a beautiful person & fantastic trainer who puts her whole heart into her training, she will push & motivate you no matter what your goals are or fitness level is. Each workout is always a challenge ! That will leave you with a sense of confidence and achievement to come back and do it all again


My girls and I where lucky enough to find kat and her bootcamp. she welcomed us and spent time working on our strengths and weaknesses for us to achieve our goal. great fun, great group of positive supportive group. thank you