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5 Factors That Could Be Impacting Your Training

Have you ever felt like you’re not progressing with your training, or like you’ve hit a bit of a plateau or brick wall? Well here’s 5 things that might be negatively impacting your training efforts:

1. Hormone fluctuations

Hormones fluctuate for a ton of reasons and can affect your training. For example, symptoms like fatigue, cramps and hot flashes can negatively impact your workouts.

2. Sleep

If you’re not sleeping well, your muscles can’t repair as effectively after exercise. Plus, you might be hungrier, tired or stressed – which can make it more difficult to train.

3. Stress

High stress can lead to low energy, tense muscles, headaches and insomnia. If you’re chronically stressed, your body is already under strain. Add exercise (physical stress) and it can lead to over training / under-recovering.

4. Pelvic Floor Health

If you’re experiencing pelvic floor issues like incontinence, pain or pelvic organ prolapse, it can impact your desire to do certain exercises (ie. high impact or high load exercises) and put a real dampener on your training.

5. Nutrition

Diet culture has led many women to under eat! Consuming energy and protein is crucial to perform at a high level. Are you consuming enough energy for the energy demands of your training routine?


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