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Stop, Drop & Crawl!

Updated: May 7

Crawling is a basic movement pattern that most of us learn as infants.

However, as we grow older, we tend to lose this skill and focus on more traditional forms of exercise.

But crawling has recently been gaining popularity as a fun and effective way to improve overall fitness.

Read on to explore the benefits of crawling, how it works, and some crawling variations for you to try.

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Benefits of Crawling

  1. Improves Core Strength: Crawling requires a lot of core stabilisation, as you have to keep your hips level while moving your opposite arm and leg. This can help improve overall core strength, which is important for everyday activities and other forms of exercise.

  2. Enhances Coordination: Crawling requires coordination between the opposite arm and leg, which can improve overall coordination and balance.

  3. Builds Endurance: Crawling can be a challenging workout that requires a lot of energy and endurance. By incorporating crawling into your workout routine, you can build up your endurance and improve your overall fitness level.

  4. Reduces Joint Impact: Crawling is a low-impact exercise that puts less stress on your joints than traditional forms of exercise like running or jumping.

Crawling Variations

  1. Bear Crawl: The bear crawl is a classic crawling variation that targets the core, shoulders, and quads. To perform a bear crawl, start on all fours with your knees slightly off the ground. Move your opposite arm and leg forward at the same time, keeping your hips level. Then, repeat with the other arm and leg.

  2. Lizard Crawl: The lizard crawl is a crawling variation that targets the core, shoulders, and hips. To perform the lizard crawl, start in a push-up position. Bring your right foot up to the outside of your right hand. Then, move your left hand forward and repeat with the other side.

  3. Crab Walk: The crab walk is a crawling variation that targets the core, triceps, and glutes. To perform a crab walk, sit on the ground with your feet flat and your hands behind you. Lift your hips off the ground and walk forward on your hands and feet.

Crawling is a fun and effective way to improve overall fitness. By incorporating crawling variations into your workout routine, you can build core strength, improve coordination, and build endurance.

Give some of these crawling variations a try and see how they can benefit your fitness routine.

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