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Struggling To Find Time To Exercise?

Here’s 3 Of My Fav Time Saving Tips!

One of the most common problems I hear from busy women wanting to exercise regularly is “I struggle to find the time”. The second most common problem I hear is “When I do find time, I feel too tired to exercise”.

Yup. I totally get these feels & I’ve been there. This is something I help many women with all the time – you’re not alone in feeling this way.

There are days, weeks and even months we all struggle to find the time or energy to exercise regularly.

Here’s 3 of my fav time saving tips.

1. Set your minimum

When life feels ‘too busy’ or you ‘seriously can’t find the time for exercise’, it’s time to rephrase your weekly goal. Rather than having that ‘all or nothing’ mentality – think about it like a volume dial, not an on/off switch. What’s the minimum you can dial it back to?

So instead of starting the new week setting that ‘ideal goal’ (or cranking the volume up), just set a minimum!

Your minimum might mean less time, less intensity, less variety etc.

Your minimum might demand much more flexibility with your approach – including the time of day or day of the week you do your workout(s).

2. Incidental movement counts

Exercise doesn’t need to be sweaty face, legs burning, heart pounding, sore for days to ‘count’!

Gentle movement likes super slow strolls through the park pushing a pram whilst a toddler chases a duck still counts.

Moments like this are are not only good for your body, they can also be good for your soul!

Wanna known what else counts?

  • Walking the dog

  • Collecting shells at the beach

  • Dancing to the wiggles in your lounge room

  • Parking further away and walking

All this not only counts – but INCIDENTAL DAILY MOVEMENT such as this is actually really REALLY (like, really) important and seriously UNDERESTIMATED!

3. Embrace the 10min at home workout

A lot of women (especially Mammas) I speak to have this ‘idea’ in their head that exercise HAS to be at least 45 minutes in duration for it to be worthwhile.

But let’s be honest, 45 minutes is NOT always possible (especially if you have kids hanging off your legs 24/7).

Setting a minimum could mean aiming for something as simple as 10 minutes. I bet you would find it easier to find multiple 10 min blocks in your week as opposed to multiple 45 min blocks right?

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